About EDF



The dermatology profession has been distinguished by its development from empirical treatment to rational therapies. An evolving understanding of the pathogenesis of skin diseases has enabled this trend to accelerate in recent years.


Dermatology has simultaneously expanded from an organ-specific speciality to one which overlaps with numerous disciplines including oncology, allergology, immunology and others.

The quality of skin care remains our primary concern. However, recent changes in European healthcare delivery systems, budgetary constraints and the increasing influence of third parties on the practice of medicine (government, insurance companies) threaten to limit the further development of our profession.


It is therefore imperative that the dermatology profession identifies possible future scenarios for the practice and development of the speciality in Europe and implements strategies and programmes with optimum cost-benefit ratios for governments and health authorities. In so doing we can ensure a managed evolution of the profession to best serve the needs of patients and society.


A small group of dermatologists has become informally associated and known as the European Dermatology Forum (EDF) in order to provide initiative in addressing these issues. Nowadays, the EDF is an independent, non-profit association registered in Switzerland.




1. Provide a visible and positive image for dermatology & venereology within the medical community, governmental agencies and society.


2. Strengthen the health economic impact of the specialty.


3. Provide independent advice and facilitate communication between dermatologists and European governmental agencies, industry, academia and patient associations.


4. Promote the highest possible standard of prevention and care for skin and venereal diseases. The EDF produces European guidelines for the management of skin and venereal diseases.


5. Secure and expand the scientific basis of dermato-venereology by collaborating with sister societies (EADV,UEMS, ESDR).


6. Enhance and harmonize high quality dermatology & venereology training in Europe as exemplified by the annual Euroderm Excellence Course organized by the EDF, with the support of Galderma, for final year dermatology residents in Europe.


7. Improve and harmonize undergraduate teaching of dermatovenereology in Europe.